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Dare to think Different

Your mindset is the unique lens through which you perceive and engage with life, shaping your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. I will show you how to change your mindset today and watch how your life changes tomorrow for the better.

Larry Bryan
"Everyone wants great results delivered quickly and my talks offer the keys to getting those results much faster."
- Larry Bryan

Thoughts that limit our potential.

The conversations we have with ourselves on a daily basis have a significant impact on the results we get. Do any of these thoughts ever hold you back in your life or career?

Negative Self-Talk

Engaging in self-criticism and negative internal dialogue, which can erode self-esteem and motivation.

Fear of Failure

Constantly worrying about making mistakes or failing in my personal life or business endeavors, leading to hesitancy and missed opportunities.

Overthinking Procrastinating

Dwelling on negative possibilities or scenarios, which can lead to indecision and missed opportunities.

Comparing Yourself to Others

Continuously comparing oneself to colleagues, competitors, and others, making us feel inadequate, which can undermine our self-esteem and innovation.

Impostor Syndrome

Feeling like a fraud and believing that your achievements are undeserved, which can hinder self-confidence and career progression.

Lack of Self-Confidence

Believing you are not qualified or capable of taking on challenging roles or responsibilities, which can limit personal and career growth.

Avoiding Risk

Being overly risk-averse and shying away from innovative ideas, ventures, and other personal opportunities which can stifle development and growth in all areas of our lives.

Resistance to Change

Being resistant to change can lead to missed opportunities, stagnation, and a failure to adapt to evolving circumstances, ultimately hindering personal and professional growth.

Discounting Achievements

Downplaying or dismissing one's successes and accomplishments, can erode self-confidence and hinder your motivation to pursue new goals, limiting your overall potential for success and personal fulfillment.

Your mindset matters.

Every day, 95% of us process a staggering 60,000 thoughts, and an overwhelming 80% of these tend to be negative, regardless of our success. Can you imagine the personal growth that could be made in our lives through a shift in this mindset? Let me show you how.

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About Larry

I have spent most of my life learning and developing the necessary mindset to become an ultra-successful producer in the insurance and investment businesses where I discovered consistent predictable strategies, behaviors, and ways of thinking that I used to achieve extraordinary goals and income levels.

The outset of my journey was fraught with formidable challenges, surpassing the typical hurdles encountered by most individuals. From the loss of my father when I was just four months old, to academic setbacks resulting in my departure from college, to the humbling experience of working as a janitor, to enduring the tragic suicide of three family members, and even falling victim to a multi-million-dollar scam—these were but a few of the trials I faced.

However, my ability to overcome and navigate these adversities, eventually achieving the levels of success I did, can be attributed to my unwavering commitment to "Dare to Think Different".

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My 5 essential keys to a new mindset.

It took me some time to realize how my mindset influenced my life, but applying my "Five Keys to a New Mindset" can bring transformative change and elevate your personal and professional life and performance.

Thinking differently

Thinking differently

A positive mindset shift sparks positive life outcomes.



Take control of your own actions and decisions.

Embracing courage

Embracing courage

Face challenges with bravery and determination.

Developing grit

Developing grit

Overcome hurdles with determination and resilience

Becoming aware

Becoming aware

Understand your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

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Contributions and Influence

See what Larry's closest friends and colleagues have to say about him.

  • image of Marc Lowell
    Marc Lowell
    Owner/Partner, Lowell Newman
    "Larry was a great mentor and a tremendous motivating force as he inspired me to reach the top one percent of sales performers in the financial services industry."
  • image of Michael Altshuler
    Michael Altshuler
    Global Speaker, Bestselling Author
    "There are countless speakers who talk a big game but never ‘lived” the big game. The beautiful thing about Larry is he didn’t only live the big game, he is passionate about sharing it so others can too. This man doesn’t walk the talk, he runs it! Hire Larry, you’ll be glad you did!"
  • image of Monica Devi
    Monica Devi
    Former Employee
    "Working for Larry was the best job I ever had. The way he treated, encouraged, and motivated all his employees is something I have never experienced before"
  • image of Steve Fishman
    Steve Fishman
    Founder-Norwood Financial Group
    "Larry has remarkable business acumen! His strategic concepts, incredible salesmanship, and motivational support transformed how I write life insurance and communicate with clients resulting in tremendous success for me"
  • image of Ernie Madera
    Ernie Madera
    Madera Financial Concepts
    "Larry’s salesmanship is unmatched! His ability to connect with clients and close deals was exceptional, making him an invaluable asset for me to follow and learn from."
  • image of Ruchel Coetzee
    Ruchel Coetzee
    Senior Director of Luxury Sales, Douglas Elliman Real Estate
    "If you want to be captivated and enthralled by a motivational speaker, book Larry for your next event. His story will inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and charge forward in life. And he is hugely funny!"
  • image of Jim Leyritz
    Jim Leyritz
    Former NY Yankee Catcher, 3X World Series Champion
    "I was part of Larry’s family for years. He was strong, supportive, and extremely helpful to me as I navigated through some of my own life struggles."
  • image of Andrew Szpiro
    Andrew Szpiro
    Regional Director, John Hancock Insurance Company
    "Larry was one of the most brilliant, motivational, and incredibly successful insurance producers I have ever worked with."
  • image of Steven A. Sciarretta
    Steven A. Sciarretta
    PA, Estate Tax Attorney
    "I have known, worked with, and referred my clients to Larry for over 30 years. His knowledge of the legal, tax, and insurance structures are equaled by just a few. As importantly, his professionalism, communication, and motivational skills are the attributes that put him in a class of his own."
  • image of Nathaniel Pool
    Nathaniel Pool
    Entrepreneur, Investor
    "Larry's positive mindset and upbeat attitude is very motivational and contagious. Each time we finish talking, I am more energized than the last. I have experienced why he would be a great choice for your keynote speaker."
  • image of Marc Shaw
    Marc Shaw
    Executive Director, American Heritage schools
    "Larry is one of the most unique individuals I have ever met. He is always positive, always engaging and inspiring. His mentorship of many of our students has motivated them to excel in high school, which resulted in their acceptance into the top 30 colleges in the US. His impact on their lives has been incredible."
  • image of Joe Kelleher
    Joe Kelleher
    Attorney at Cozen O'Connor
    "Larry’s communication skills are outstanding. He has a natural ability to convey ideas with clarity and conviction."
  • image of John Reisigl
    John Reisigl
    President, Cheney Brothers
    "Larry definitely brings the energy. He keeps the sales team engaged with his unbridled enthusiasm, optimism and humor, keeping them hanging on every word with real life experiences and inspiration. Along with being a great person, Larry is a very dynamic and engaging speaker and a great choice to fire up your sales team."
  • image of Freddie Gary
    Freddie Gary
    Gary Financial Group
    "I introduced Larry to some of my most important clients, and partnered with him in solving their financial objectives. His knowledge, professionalism, and communication skills are exceptional and well received."

Talks to inspire your audience.

Let Larry take you on a transformative journey with these three compelling talks designed to uplift and inspire your audience. Larry brings his wealth of knowledge and passion for growth to the forefront, offering invaluable insights and strategies for personal and professional development. These talks are a gateway to empowering your audience and propelling them towards greater success.

Interested in booking Larry for your next event? Get in touch.


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