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Your mindset is the key to your success. Larry has spent his entire life mastering the art of positive mindset and is ready to share his secrets with you. Read more about Larry and his journey to becoming a mindset master.

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Meet Larry Bryan

I am a University of Miami graduate with a BA in Accounting and Finance and an MBA in Finance from Nova Southeastern University. I also hold several prestigious insurance designations, including CLU, CHFC, CFP, and RHU, and held various licenses for fixed and variable life insurance and investments (series 6, 7, 23, 24, and 63).

My career in the life insurance and investment industry spanned nearly three decades, driven by commission-based earnings, which instilled a strong sense of motivation and responsibility in me. My ability to provide for my family directly depended on my sales performance.

Today, I have transitioned into full-time public speaking, where I inspire sales people, marketing professionals, and business owners to develop a positive mindset, enabling them to achieve remarkable success in both their business and personal lives.

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The Early Days

My life had a modest beginning, marked by my parents' separation when I was only three months old, and my father's swift disappearance from my life. Growing up, I grappled with self-esteem, self-respect, and self-confidence issues, often battling fear, embarrassment, and procrastination. My internal dialogue was predominantly negative and disheartening. This mindset hindered my path to success.

Adding to my unique upbringing, my mother dressed me in professor-like attire from the age of three, sending me to preschool in suits, bowties, and wingtip shoes. As I progressed through school, I remained a C+ student while my friends excelled with A+ grades. The college application process presented limited options, and I barely gained admission to FSU, while my friends headed to prestigious institutions. My journey was marked by failure, culminating in my dismissal from FSU with a meager 1.2 GPA.

My parents' response to my academic struggles was to hand me a job application and insist I work long hours. I took on the roles of a janitor during the day and a car parking attendant in the evenings. It wasn't until a pivotal moment that I realized the power of self-perception and self-talk in shaping one's actions and destiny. Overnight, I committed to a 180-degree life transformation and now share the tools and knowledge for others to achieve a similar change. As someone still on their self-improvement journey, I invite you to embark on this transformation together with me.

Career Journey

In 1978, I began my career journey at Equitable Life, now known as AXA, as an individual sales producer working on a commission basis. My entry into the insurance industry was influenced by a humorous challenge from my future father-in-law, who playfully asserted that I should join the insurance field if I wanted to marry his daughter, a high school homecoming queen. I accepted this challenge and soon found success at Equitable, setting and achieving high goals.

After a few years, I partnered with three others to represent multiple insurance companies as independent sales producers. Although this venture was successful, two partners and I decided to pursue different paths amicably. In 1989, I established a separate entity in Florida, specializing in high-end income, gift, and estate tax planning, which expanded to include approximately 30 individual office locations along the East Coast of the United States by 1999. I then developed a successful business plan that attracted Wall Street's interest, leading to the acquisition and subsequent public offering of my company in 2005.

Following this, I launched a second company in South Florida, focusing on life insurance sales and life settlements for ultra-wealthy clients. For two-thirds of my career, I thrived as a multi-million-dollar per year commissioned producer, achieving my best year in 2006 with over $52 million in life insurance commissions. In 2007, I decided to close the company and effectively retire.

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My Expertise

I have had a rich and diverse career in the financial and investment industries, marked by entrepreneurial success, innovative ventures, along with some failures to. I founded a mutual fund company focused on principal-protected equity-based investments and I also became a 1/3 owner of a cryptocurrency hedge fund management company. My experience includes building and operating a multi-state insurance and investment distribution operation, as well as creating a life insurance settlement company targeting wealthy seniors. I've also successfully prepared and presented start-up investment pitch decks to investment banks, Angel investors, and private hedge funds.

In addition, I crafted a business plan centered around a Wall Street roll-up strategy that eventually led to an initial public offering (IPO). My track record has encompassed the design and implementation of unique marketing concepts that generated millions of dollars in revenue. I possess a solid grasp of contracts, legal documents, corporate entities, and tax structures. Lastly, I've had the privilege of speaking at various industry functions, particularly within the sales and distribution sectors of the insurance and investment industries.

Career Achievements

$52 Million

Personal best commissions generated in a single year.

30 Offices

Spanning from Florida to Connecticut.

20 Years

As a top 1% sales performer earning over $1 million in commissions per year.

30 Years

Commission based sales expertise.

Life Accomplishments

6 Weeks

After meeting my wife I proposed.

3 Hrs 41 Mins

Time it took me to complete the Orange Bowl Marathon.

23 Countries

Visited throughout my lifetime.

7 Degrees

Advanced educational degrees earned.

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