Talks that inspire and motivate your team to get results faster.

Unlock the Path to success. These talks serve as a catalyst for motivating personal performance, enhancing team dynamics, fostering collaboration, and achieving remarkable results quickly. Each talk can be delivered in a keynote, breakout or workshop session.

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Sell Like a Lion

This captivating talk is an ideal event opener that will undoubtedly resonate with sales professionals, regardless of their current experience and success levels. It's designed to inspire your audience to adopt some new ways of thinking and to explore new horizons, providing them with motivation and fresh perspectives that will deliver increased sales results. I'll share some creative marketing and customer-building concepts while also unveiling the blueprint behind my multi-million-dollar annual commission production.

This talk isn't just about promising success but offering a journey of originality, known to boost motivation and lead to remarkable achievements. It's a stimulating, fun-filled, and a transformative experience that encourages imaginative thinking, ignites excitement, and inspires a hunger for newfound knowledge. Your salespeople will leave ready to implement what they just learned.

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"Larry was a great mentor and a tremendous motivating force as he inspired me to reach the top one percent of sales performers in the financial services industry."
- Marc Lowell
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Think Like a Lion

This talk is bound to be a hit, brimming with energy, humor, valuable information, and powerful motivation. It's designed to "update your mindset" to the most powerful version of yourself today. I'll delve into my journey of transforming my old mindset, flaws and all, into a new, success-driven perspective for both my personal and professional life. Prepare for laughter and a surge of inspiration, leaving your audience eager to make immediate mindset changes and witness instant life improvements.

This talk will reshape their outlook, equipping them to conquer new horizons and spark a lasting transformation that positively impacts everyone they encounter. Expect everyone to depart with a wealth of valuable insights.

"There are countless speakers who talk a big game but never ‘lived” the big game. The beautiful thing about Larry is he didn’t only live the big game, he is passionate about sharing it so others can too. This man doesn’t walk the talk, he runs it! Hire Larry, you’ll be glad you did!"
- Michael Altshuler

Lead Like a Lion

This talk is vital for everyone, focusing on the newest of leadership principles and essential characteristics that define the evolving landscape of corporate and individual leadership. It explores the leadership insights executives need today and emphasizes effective team building at all levels, interpersonal relationships, and motivating diverse age groups within a corporation.

The discussion includes self-leadership, the latest in executive training for leadership, and aligning hiring practices with short, medium, and long-term corporate and employee personal goals. Expect this talk to leave your executives with new insights and action steps to implement immediately, and your other valuable employees inspired and motivated to contribute to your company's heightened success.

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